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Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar is one of the Model Zoological Parks in India. It was initially granted recognition as a “mini” Zoo by Central Zoo Authority (CZA). Presently the Zoological Park is recognized as a Medium Zoo by the Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi.The Zoological Park has been attracting more and more number of visitors every year after it was opened to public. Students both from schools and colleges visit the park as part of the curricula. Efforts are being made to encourage the visitors in the field of nature education and conservation of biodiversity. Annual number of visitors is 67367.

Zoo Animal Collection:

The Zoo has an exquisite collection of 40 species of birds and animals with a captive population of over 300 individuals. The collection includes 22 species of wildlife listed under Schedule I & II of Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 which signifies that the collection has more endangered species. Besides, vast majority of them are native species and are of regional representation of fauna of North-East India.

Taxa No. of. Species     Population
Schedule I & II Others Total
Mammals 19 16 3 146
Birds 14 4 10 61
Reptiles 7 2 5 118
Total 40 22 18 325


  • Wildlife Week Celebration in the Zoological Park.

    Nagaland Zoological Park celebrated Wildlife Week 2017 on 7th Oct 2017 inside the Zoo premises with the theme, “Listening to the Young Voices.” Photos of Wildlife in the Zoo were gifted to students and children. Special printed mugs with wildlife photos commemorating Wildlife week 2017 were distributed to visitors.

  • First ever Wildlife Photo exhibition held in the Zoo.

    The Nagaland Zoological Park hosted the first Wildlife Photo exhibition in the Zoo for an upcoming Local Wildlife Photographer and Department Photographer Shri. Onenjungshi Ao on 21st Oct. 2017. The objective was to create awareness about India’s rich Biodiversity. The exhibition also included photographs of captive wildlife of the Park.

  • Conducted North East Regional Zoo Keepers Training.

    One week training for Zoo Keepers of North East India on the theme “North East Regional Zoo Keepers Training on Management of Captive Wildlife” was successfully conducted for Zoo Keepers from Zoo in the North East from 20th to 25th November 2017.

  • Special Squeeze cage donated to Zoological Park By Assam Rifles.

    The No.1 Workshop Assam Rifles located at 3rd Mile Dimapur designed and fabricated a Special Resizeable Squeeze-cum- Transportation cage as a Civic Action Project for Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar. The cage was donated to the Zoological Park on the eve of the New Year 2018.

  • Official Visits

    During the current year number of senior offices visited the Zoological Park including Principal Secretary, PCCF & HoFF and PCCF & Chief Wildlife Warden Nagaland.

  • Arrival of Emu in Nagaland Zoological Park.

    Australian Emu (Dromaius Novaehollandiae) two adult Emu and four chicks were brought from Guwahati. Tall and Majestic the Emu belongs to a group of fightless running birds known as ratites, the most primitive of modern bird families. It is the second largest bird after Ostrich.